Equip Yourself to Prepare & Execute Change with More Success and Less Stress

Strategic Change by Design Certificate : Module 1

Date: March 11 – 29, 2021

70% of organizational change fails!

What will you do differently?

Every company, non-profit and government is going through some form of digital and cultural transformation. This means the ability to successfully execute change is not nice to have, it is critical just to survive. However, many organizations have not been very successful in implementing change in the past. And to make it even harder, the pace of change is increasing and so is the complexity of change increasing. 

If your company or your clients' companies do not have a strong track record of successful change, or if they are feeling their tried and true change processes are too slow and resource intensive to keep up with the pacethis learning cohort is for you. You will learn and practise methods and tools that enable you to confidently advise and lead complex and rapid change in an uncertain environment.  

Louise A Harris, the course instructor, has spent over 25 years advising and leading complex change and helping clients rescue failing digital transformation projects. The pain of unnecessary stress and financial loss that she has witnessed inspired her to do a PhD to develop a toolkit to help leaders prevent change failure and mitigate change resistance from the start. Through her applied research she integrated change management, strategy execution, cognitive load and communication research with her experience, to develop this toolset that enables a flexible and easier proven approach to overcome common change hindrances and enable better change outcomes. 

In this learning cohort you will be introduced to the first step in this innovative approach. You will learn how to use tools and techniques that integrate the best of

Design Thinking

Risk Management

Enterprise Architecture

Change Management

Specifically you will learn how to:

  1. Assess Four Critical Success Factors using quick strategies for reducing hidden risk and improving change outcomes.
  2. Build Buy-in with impacted stakeholders using a fast and powerful visual communication tool.
  3. Integrate well known change methodologies  (e.g. Prosci ADKAR®, Kotter 8 Steps, ACMP Standard) with new research into an agile and iterative change system. 

During her 5 years of research Louise has equipped many consultants to successfully apply this approach with their clients. Check out their testimonies below. With her PhD almost complete she is now focusing her attention on equipping all consultants and change leaders who care about facilitating change more successfully with less stress and less effort.

Course Schedule: (10 hours over 3 weeks) 

Mar 11 – 15 Read the book and start your cohort experience
Mar 15 Live Interactive Zoom Session

Mar 16 - 28
Online learning, discussions, and assignment
Mar 29 Live Interactive Zoom Session


Canadian CMC & CPA Members $395  + HST = $454.25    

Non-members $445 + HST = $523.25

Eligible for ACMP, CIPS, CMC, CPA, CPHR, PMP,  PD points (10 hours)

International participants do not pay HST - use the coupon code NOHST60

Registration Deadline 

March 6, 2021

Please purchase the case study book 

Our Iceberg Is Melting

by John Kotter.

It is available in paper and eBook at Indigo/Chapters or Amazon for $10- $35.


Louise A. Harris CMC CCMP PhD(2021)

Strategic Change Consultant and Educator 

Founder of ChangeDesign.Institute

If you are looking for an effective and straight forward way to help your clients or your company thrive in a rapidly changing world I look forward to guiding you on your learning path.

Canadian CMC and CPA Members

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What previous course participants have said on LInkedIn

Indranil Dutta


I have gained a lot after completing the first module, I have used elements from the module and have achieved success with various stakeholders.

Judy Murphy


I have done this course. Louise is an excellent instructor and provides participants with great tools for navigating change. I highly recommend it!

Nima Evans


This course has helped me a lot in my Digital Transformation practice by providing practical tools and techniques to design and articulate organizational change.

Peter Wittenberg


I have been a tireless promoter of "Strategic Change by Design" since taking the course/receiving my certificate. As espoused by Louise's enterprise architecture enabled approach, it is decidedly more (cost) effective and efficient to engage very early on with clients in a shared journey than it is to mount a big, defensive resistance management program that is primarily reactive. In this reactive approach, the value is often elusive. Proactivity is key: I highly recommend the course for change management practitioners and management consultants in general. After all, don't all of our engagements involve (i.e. technological) change these days? Louise has put change management squarely in the strategic management space, which trumps most approaches I have experienced. And you are certain to enjoy how this program is delivered and its collaborative style!

Keith McIntyre


The content was extremely helpful along with the tools provided which can be applied in day to day business activities

Milos Simovic


With finally an orientation to outcomes rather than outputs of an initiative, managing the change that the initiative/project brings is one of the key ingredients in ensuring the attainment of the outcomes. And if the change is not an afterthought but engrained, by design, that much better. Don't miss this training program.

James Grieve


I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn more about practical ways to design, implement and sustain change. Ideal for consultants, organization leaders, managers, or supervisors, this course provides unique perspectives, great facilitation, and a roadmap to systemize change. Best of all, the course takes a holistic view of change and how it impacts organizations, their customers, suppliers, and employees.

Dominique Dennery


This is the first change workshop I have attended that brings it all together for a consulting professional. ...

Michael Melenberg


I took the first module of the Strategic Change by Design Certificate that Louise Harris facilitates (see Sandra Addison-Brock's comment for link to upcoming course!). The course was engaging through great dialogue with Louise and the other course takers, easy to read and insightful materials, and (perhaps most importantly) practical tools. I really liked the activities in the course as it allowed others to provide their thoughts, which could be read by all participants - this, of course includes building the visual model together. I leveraged one of the tools on a client project within weeks of completing the course, demonstrating its practicality. I look forward to taking Modules 2 and 3 in the near future, as Change Management is integral to my consulting practice.

Germain St-Denis


Studies report that some 70% of digital and business transformation initiatives fail. The pandemic has accelerated the rapid pace of change. Often it's the non-technical people side of things that's neglected, the essential behavioural change. I took an early version of this course a couple years ago to refresh my skills. The strategies, tools and techniques that Louise will cover provide you an extra degree of agility to leverage your change management/leadership program. There are exercises and group discussions too. Well worth it!

Critical Success Factors for Strategic Change


  • 1

    Get Started

    • Welcome

    • What this course is all about

    • DISCUSSION - Introduce yourself

    • Course Schedule - Book time in your calendar

    • Setup ZOOM software for the webinar

    • Be sure to ask for help if you need it

  • 2

    Part 1

    • Intro to Part 1 : Framework and Critical Success Factors

    • Live Session - Mar 15

    • Strategic Change Readiness Framework

    • A Review of Critical Success Factors for Strategic Change (4 pages)

    • Align Stakeholder Expectations (5 pages)

    • DISCUSSION: How effective change leaders operate and engage others

  • 3

    Advanced Reading I (Optional)

    • Harvard Business Review - Cracking the Code of Change

    • Gallup - Change Initiatives Don't Have to Fail: Front Line Managers and Focus

    • Prosci ADKAR Model - The Individual Process of Change

    • Harvard Business Review - The Secret to Leading Organizational Change is Empathy

    • Forbes - How to Lead in Uncertain Times

  • 4

    Part 2

    • Intro to the Power of Visual Models

    • The Strategic Change Value Model (7 pages)

    • Intro to Stakeholder Change Profiles (8 audio slides)

    • Using the SCP to Understand Value and Cost (3 slides)

    • DISCUSSION: Perceived value and costs of the change

  • 5

    Part 3

    • Intro to building a Stakeholder Change Profile visually

    • A Stakeholder Change Profile Example

    • ASSIGNMENT A : Build a Visual Stakeholder Change Profile

    • ASSIGNMENT B : Build the Teacher's "after Buddy" Change Profile

    • REFLECTION: Advantages of a visual tool

    • Quick Survey (~ 5 minutes)

    • Live Session - Wrapup Mar 29th

  • 6

    Advanced Reading II (Optional)

    • Empowering Employees with Data

    • Clarity is critical for innovative change

  • 7

    Live Session Slides (Optional)

    • Session 1 Slides

    • Session 1 Recording

    • Session 2 slides

  • 8

    Help Videos (Optional)

    • How to use MURAL to develop a change profile

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Equip Yourself to Design & Execute Change with More Success and Less

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Bonus material

  • Bonus material

    PDF and PowerPoint templates which you are licensed to use in your company and with your clients at no additional cost.

Common Questions

  • What if I am unable to complete the course?

    With self-study and recordings of the live webinars, this course is flexible to adapt to changes in your schedule. However, if things happen such that you are unable to complete the course, you can enroll in a future offering of the course for no additional charge.

  • Do I need to be experienced in change management to take this course?

    No. This course is useful to new and experienced professionals. You do not need change management experience or previous knowledge of Prosci or Kotter's frameworks. It is very useful if you have experienced change in an organization.

  • I am certified in Prosci. Is there much new material?

    Although we reference Prosci ADKAR in this course, the focus is mostly on proactive tools and methods that can complement the Prosci methods or be used instead when there is not enough time to perform the full set of Prosci assessments.

  • I am experienced in Kotter's 8 Steps of Change. Will this course be useful for me?

    In this course we build on Kotter's 8 steps with new tools and techniques. If you already know Kotter's 8 steps you will be able to integrate the new tools you learn in this course very well. Particularly we look in more detail how to quickly define and communicate a compelling purpose and how to assess hidden adoption risk before they become roadblocks.

  • I am still not sure if this course is for me. How can I find out more?

    All the people who gave testimonials are on LinkedIn and are willing for you to connect with them and ask a question. You can also email us at letstalk@changedesign.institute. You can learn more about the instructor at LouiseAHarris.com