Equip Yourself to Design Change for Success with Less Stress

Strategic Change by Design Certificate : Module 1

Learn how to increase your change agility to improve strategic outcomes and reduce hidden risk and by using visual design techniques and integrating

Change Management

Design Thinking

Risk Management

Try out the Strategic Change by Design Certificate with this introductory course that provides a flexible personal learning schedule and peer interaction.

This learning cohort is facilitated by a live instructor using an online learning tool and live sessions. You will learn how to:

  1. Asses Four Critical Success Factors
  2. Build Buy-in: Identify change benefit & adoption risk for stakeholders using a simple visual tool
  3. Integrate  change methodologies, (e.g. Prosci ADKAR®, Kotter 8 Steps, ACMP Standard) in a unified framework

Course Schedule: (10 hours over 3 weeks) 

Feb 4 – 8 Read the book and online study
Feb 8 Live Interactive Webinar
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST

Feb 9 - 21
Online study, discussions, and assignment
 Feb 22 Live Interactive Webinar
7:30pm - 8:30pm EST


CMC Members $395  + HST = $454.25    

Non-members $445 + HST = $523.25

Eligible for CMC, PMP, CPA, CIPS, ACMP PD points (10 hours)

Feb 4 – Feb 22, 2021

Registration Deadline 

Jan 29, 2021

Please purchase the case study book 

Our Iceberg Is Melting

by John Kotter.

It is available in paper and eBook at Indigo/Chapters or Amazon for $10- $35.

Learning Facilitator

Louise A. Harris CMC CCMP

Strategic Change Consultant & Founder ChangeDesign.Institute

CMC Members

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Critical Success Factors for Strategic Change


  • 1

    Get Started

    • Welcome

    • What this course is all about

    • DISCUSSION - Introduce yourself

    • Course Schedule - Book time in your calendar

    • Setup ZOOM software for the webinar

    • Be sure to ask for help if you need it

  • 2

    Part 1

    • Intro to critical success factors

    • A Review of Critical Success Factors for Strategic Change (4 pages)

    • Align Stakeholder Expectations (6 pages)

    • Live Session - Feb 4th 7:30PM EST

    • DISCUSSION: How effective change leaders engage stakeholders

  • 3

    Optional Advanced Reading

    • Harvard Business Review - Cracking the Code of Change

    • Gallup - Change Initiatives Don't Have to Fail: Front Line Managers and Focus

    • Prosci ADKAR Model - The Individual Process of Change

    • Harvard Business Review - The Secret to Leading Organizational Change is Empathy

  • 4

    Part 2

    • Intro to the Power of Visual Models

    • The Strategic Change Value Proposition

    • Introduction to the Stakeholder Change Profile Visual Model

    • DISCUSSION: Perceived benefits and costs of the change

  • 5

    Part 3

    • Intro to building a Stakeholder Change Profile visually

    • How to develop a Stakeholder Change Profile Visual Model

    • ASSIGNMENT : Build a Visual Stakeholder Change Profile

    • Quick Survey (~ 5 minutes)

    • Live Session - Wrapup Feb 22nd

  • 6

    Live Session Slides (Optional)

    • Session 1 Slides

    • Session 2 Slides

  • 7

    Help Videos (Optional)

    • Visual Model Assignment: How to add a comment to a shape

Pricing options

CMC Members use coupon code CMC60

What previous course participants have said

Lyn McDonell


Recommend this course! I took this module in late 2016 and the lessons still resonate into my work...

Keith McIntyre


The content was extremely helpful along with the tools provided which can be applied in day to day business activities

Renee Bergeron


AWESOME! What a great NEW way of looking at an old problem! I came away with fresh ideas and practical tools. ...

Dominique Dennery


This is the first change workshop I have attended that brings it all together for a consulting professional. ...

Michael Melenberg


I really liked the activities in the course as it allowed others to provide their thoughts, which could be read by all participants - this, of course includes building the visual model together

Jagoda Capkun Bacic


Highly recommended!!! I got my certificate in the fall of 2017. The beauty of this approach is, in my experience, that using one page diagrams helps us as Management Consultants to quickly show to the client executive the 'overall picture' which they then take up the chain

Cancellation Policy:

With self-study and recordings of the live webinars, this course is flexible to adapt to changes in your schedule. However, if things happen such that you are unable to participate in or complete the course, we will give you a credit for the next offering of the course.

Minimum course enrollment is 12 participants and the maximum is 25 participants.