Figure out and communicate what to change with less effort and less stress

Learn how to use powerful and simple tools to

  • Inspire Purpose

    Engage people in animating the change purpose so that everyone believes in the value of the change and is inspired to commit to the change success

  • Focus Scope

    Engage people in refining the scope of the change to focus on achieving the change purpose and ignite their trust in the change leadership.

  • Illuminate Hidden Risk

    Engage people in discovering potential risks that could trip people up along the way or derail the change and build everyone's confidence in the viability of the change process.

And discover how you can use these same tools throughout the change process to

  • Plot the Path

    Ensure everyone is equipped and empowered to make change happen

  • Reap the Rewards

    Monitor the change outcomes and quickly make adjustments where needed

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • What this Course is All About

    • Course Schedule - Book Time in Your Calendar

    • Recording of Kickoff Live Session

  2. 2
    • Foundational Perspective on Strategic Change

    • The Change Action Framework

    • How to Reduce Resistance due to Inertia

    • Nail your learning

    • How to Create a Strategic Value Map to consolidate a compelling Change Purpose

    • PRACTISE: Start a Strategic Value Map for Case Study

    • CHAPTER 1 LIVE Session

    • Recording of CHAPTER 1 Live Session

  3. 3
    • Creating a Stakeholder Change Profile

    • Using the Stakeholder Change Profile to discover Value and Cost

    • Nail your learning

    • PRACTISE: Stakeholder Change Profile

    • CHAPTER 2 LIVE Session

    • Recording of CHAPTER 2 Live Session

  4. 4
    • Recording of May 24 Live Session

    • SMART Outcomes and Results

    • NAIL your learning

    • PRACTICE: Change Outcome Map for Case Study

    • CHAPTER 3 LIVE Session

    • Recording of Chapter 3 Live Session May 31

  5. 5
    • FRAMING the Scope of the Change

    • The Purpose of a Program Change Map

    • How to Create a Program Change Map

    • NAIL your learning

    • PRACTISE: Draft a Program Change Scope map for the Case Study

    • CHAPTER 4 LIVE Session

    • Chapter 4 LIVE Session Recording

  6. 6
    • Quick Survey (< 5 minutes)