Change does NOT have to be so HARD

Lead and Facilitate Change with Better Results, Less Effort and Less Stress

  • Prevent Resistance

    Over 50% of resistance to change is due to confusion and suspicion about the change process. Learn a powerful and simple framework to create a transparent, agile and engaging change process

  • Increase Commitment

    The greatest hinderances to commitment to change are lack of communication, a sense of alienation and lack of trust in change leaders. Learn powerful and simple tools to engage people quickly and easily in understanding and contributing to why and what is changing and build their trust

  • Alleviate Risk

    Hidden risk is the biggest cause of derailed change. Learn and practise how to use the framework and tools to illuminate hidden risk and increase everyone's confidence in their ability to operationalize the change successfully

Course bundled with Applied Learning Sessions

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Learn and practise a powerful and simple framework and tools to
  • Chart the course for a successful change initiative
  • Engage stakeholders early, quickly and easily and get everyone on the same page headed in the same direction

10 hours interactive online study  + 2 Live Sessions over 17 days.

How to facilitate a change profile session in your organization
How to get started using the Change Action Framework in your organization

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SAVE $160

Our courses are specially designed for busy professionals!

  • Video, narrated slides, reading & example walk throughs

  • Reinforce your learning with quick quizzes

  • Reflect on challenges and solutions in different situations with peers and the instructor in online discussions

  • Practise using the framework and tools and receive feedback

  • LIVE Zoom Sessions with Dr. Louise Harris

What past Students say ...

Engaging and Practical

Michael Melenberg CMC

I took the first module of the Strategic Change by Design Certificate that Louise Harris facilitates . The course was engaging through great dialogue with Louise and the other course takers, easy to read and insightful materials, and (perhaps most importantly) practical tools. To the latter, I leveraged one of the tools on a client project within weeks of completing the course, demonstrating its practicality. I look forward to taking Modules 2 and 3 in the near future, as Change Management is integral to my consulting practice.

Very Useful

Indrani Dutta CPA CGA PMP CSM MBA MEng

I have gained a lot after completing the first module. I have used elements from the module and have achieved success with various stakeholders.

A Game Changer

Dominque Dennery FCMC

If you work in the field of Change Management with clients experiencing Covid weariness and change fatigue, do look into this practical and enjoyable workshop by Louise Harris. I took one of the first workshops offered to consultants and have since integrated in all my organizational development work. A game changer!

Very Helpful for Digital Transformation

Nima Evans CMC PMP MBA

This course has helped me a lot in my Digital Transformation practice by providing practical tools and techniques to design and articulate organizational change.

Our Guarantee

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  • 100% Refund in the first 7 days if you find this training is not for you.

  • 100% Credit towards the next course offering if you are unable to complete the course for any reason.


SAVE $160